I’m currently staying in a very small town in what was the old G.D.R. Things have progressed here, but not all too much either. For one, there isn’t a person in this town, except me, who is between the ages of sixteen and forty. This leads to some very boring evenings, and strange interactions.

My host family is very nice, and has literally accepted me as one of their own. The only problem is that I don’t feel like part of their family, but a guest. So, where I would normally say ‘no’ to something, I instead do the polite thing and go along with it. By agreeing to these conditions I’ve attended birthday parties where I don’t know anyone, wedding anniversaries with the same problem, and a festival with, what I was told, was the real Martin Luther. It was actually a bunch of locals dressed up in Medieval clothes.

You know those old people you see in films that just stare out the window for no reason?

Well, there’s about fifty of them here. Whenever I have to leave the house to get the groceries they all phone one another and gossip about the “new fella” in town. I’m pretty sure they call the cops too. Good thing for me there’s no police station in my town, or much of anything else for that matter. If my brief research is correct than I’m the first American to spend more than five minutes in this town since the second world war.

The good news is, is that I found an apartment in Halle. This is the largest city in the provence I’m in (Sachsen-Anhalt). I move in a week or two. I don’t mean to complain, but I’ve spent a month here and this town is draining my soul a bit. The school, the teachers, my host family, and the students are all very nice, but there is no possability of a social life here unless you have a car, which I don’t.

Needless to say, I’m happy to make the move, but that also means I’ll be making an hour and a half commute each way every time I need to come here. Oh well…


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  1. Claire

    So, is the old G.D.R. anything like what Bratislava was portrayed as in the movie Eurotrip? Its sort of the first image that came to mind when I started reading this entry… and did you at least get to see the real 95 Theses if not the real Martin Luther at the festival?

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