Mad Libs

I’ve gotten into a bad habit. Whenever someone starts talking in German there tend to be a few words that I don’t understand. This, I think, is normal. I tend to get the whole conversation with a few gaps. The problem is, is that my mind starts to wander. Then I start filling in meanings for the words I don’t understand, sort of like a real time mad libs. It didn’t start out so bad – just a few words here and there. It was like this:

Simple Conversation in German (italicized words are ones that I made up in my head)

“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Oh, not bad, I went to the trendy park yesterday.”

“The trendy park, eh? I’ve always wanted to go there.”

As you can see, the words aren’t entirely important to the conversation. I do look them up later and figure them out. But my imagination has gotten a little too creative. Now a conversation might sounds like this to me:

“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Not too bad, I battled the evil samurai in the park yesterday.”

The evil samurai! I’ve heard he’s very nice. What do you think Nick?”

“I have never battled a samurai”

Confusion for everyone. I have to break this habit soon, or it will cause some problems.


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