Ding dong the witch is dead!

An update to the ever-going and increasingly brutal struggle against with my Irish Film professor:

Today, I left extra early. So, no evil delays or train workers were able to hold me back from the class. I showed up about an hour early and stuck out my position in the class. My professor arrived about a half hour later and clearly had not had any coffee yet. She was frazzelled and disheveled; clearly she was not having a good Monday, again. Also, my presence seemed to put her in an even fouler mood, but there was nothing she could do muahahaha. To make sure of that I showed her the papers from the University that clearly stated I could take the class. She hissed a little and then began the course. Sweet victory.

Although, we were discussing the film The Quiet Man today and she decided to call on me for every possible stereotype that the film represented for Americans.

“What do you think the film says about Americans class?” she asked. “Are they loud? Do they like violence? Do they love money more than anything else? Let’s ask our American friend!”

Looks like I’ll be watching some sweet Irish films the rest of the semester.


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