I really don’t think a lot of Americans realize how important elections are, or how the rest of the world views the U.S. elections. Literally every t.v. station is covering it, everyone person is informed, and everyone has an opinion. The U.S. still is a super-power and this election will dictate the way our country moves over the next few years.

Everyone I’ve talked to keeps saying who ‘they would vote for’, or ‘what they would do’ over here, but they don’t have a vote. So, don’t throw yours away if you have one. I beg and plead you to take a little time off and just go to the polls.

If not I may cry myself to sleep, santa will definitely put coal in your stocking, and you’ll get 10 pimples within the next week. I mean it makes sense. Who wants coal, pimples, and tears… or that whole getting the country back on its feet thing.


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