Speeches, Videos, and Articles Worth Watching and Reading. How We Got Here.

Dredd Scott v. Stanford Supreme Court Case. Slave sues for his freedom.

Background of Dredd Scott

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

Abraham Lincoln’s Assassination

The thirteenth amendment abolishing slavery after the civil war

The fourteenth amendment gives rights to former slaves. Over rules Dredd Scott

The fifteenth amendment allows people to vote regardless of their race.

List of some Jim Crow Laws intended to segregate and keep minorities from voting

Plessy v. Ferguson Delivers ‘Separate But Equal Clause’

NAACP is founded

1923 Women gain the right to vote

Brown v. Board of Education Repeals Plessy v. Ferguson. Also has famous ‘at all deliberate speed clause’

Eisenhower orders troops to Little Rock to allow students to go to school

Rosa Parks Refuses to Give up her seat on the bus

Kennedy Addresses Civil Rights

Kennedy’s Assassination

Martin Luther King’s reaction

Martin Luther King Jr. ‘I have a dream’ speech:

Martin Luther King’s Assassination

Robert F. Kennedy on Martin Luther King’s death

Robert F. Kennedy’s Assassination

Lyndon B. Johnson On Voting Rights Act

Controversial Affirmative Action Cases

McCain’s Concession Speech. Well done and tasteful

Obama’s Victory Speech


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