While being lazy and putting off my laundry for far longer than I should, I realized something. The Germans don’t wear khaki pants.

I was forced to wear some slacks after using up all my jeans and suddenly noticed a few random people staring at me as if I had a tumor growing out of my ass. I couldn’t figure out why. Then for whatever reason I looked around and slowly came to realize why I had become a pariah.

About 70% of the people were wearing Jeans.

20% were wearing black pants

9% were wearing some sort of green pants

And then there was me and the old crazy guy who were sporting the khakis. I felt out of place. As if I had walked into town with no pants on. Now, I’m not one for fasion and I wouldn’t really care, but it’s hard to explain the stares people were giving me.

So, please take note, Khakis are a no go in Deutschland.



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5 responses to “Khaki-less

  1. Tom

    I wear them often – no strange looks yet. Must have been something else 😉

  2. Ha! The Philippines is slowly becoming like Germany. I’m fond of khaki pants :D, actually.

    >> Is Germany home to the khaki-hater Charlottians? <<

  3. I had many articles about khaki pants. I am fond of khaki casual dress pants (khaki casual slacks) but not khaki jeans. Anyway, my response post about your post is here, but this one is in Filipino. I will try to translate this in English as soon as I can.,gterjadkakiye,chronicles_0217_01

  4. Ein Deutscher

    Maybe they were just staring at your white socks.

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