Always sunny in Halle

The asparagus over here is white. Yes white, not green, not yellow, but white. It makes it look like the albino finger of a of an oversized witch. Asparagus also makes ones pee smell. The Germans happily call this vegetable Spargel.

So, one may ask themselves, why does spargel make everyone so damn happy over here. Well, I’ll tell you why. The winter is so

What people in Germany look like come February

What people in Germany look like come February

long, dark, and cold. By the end of it people are lashing out at each other, translucent, and get that hallow look in their eyes. It’s not that hard to see why a german director made nosferatu not once but twice. The character development must’ve been extremely easy to make.

Asparagus means spring to Germany and they post this everywhere. It’s ironic that this clearly sun deprived vegetable has this connotation. I do have to admit though it’s very good. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the country. It tastes a lot different than the normal (green) asparagus I’m used to back at home.

In other news, I recorded some samples for my girlfriend’s animation. Here’s a link to the files if anyone is interested. Muuuuusic!


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  1. beagel

    The two Nosferatus were made by different companies, different teams, directors and so on, in different decades…

    And to be honest, yellow asparagus sounds incredibly weird… We have green though, more expensive and aromatic than white.

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