10 Fads That Haunted Our Childhoods

Growing up in a consumer driven America led to a strange fad phenomenon. These things came and went faster than your first significant other, but my god were they amazing while they lasted. If you didn’t know about the latest fad, you were sentenced to the lunch table with the snotty kids. If you discovered a new fad, you were hailed as a hero and almost mythical creature. These things made or broke people.

Tamagotchi – Push a button and feed it. This thing could even poop! I have a vivid memory of some girl crying after her’s died after a week. There were many knock-offs of this, but the gold standard was tamagachi. I hope nothing like this ever appears again.

Pogs – Nothing spells fun like cardboard and aluminum milk caps. The problem with this fad was that after it was done you were stuck with about 4 tons of round smiley faces and slammers that said “super cool” on them. The sick bastard who made these popular needs to be institutionalized. What ever happened to the billions of pogs?

Skip-it – Kids seemed to get a kick out of voluntarily putting a ball and chain on their legs. While at least promoting a semi-healthy activity these things were still around for a bit too long. All the cool kids had reset the counter. That’s over 1000 skips and probably a days worth of time where you could’ve been doing something much more entertaining.

Cats-Cradle – A loop of string… that is all. What marketing genius convinced us that this was so great? I can still do that damn Jacobs Ladder.

Yo-yo’s – Ok, I admit. Yo-yo’s are pretty cool, but the time and skill people put into these things was amazing. Most of the time people would get too frustrated and end up using this as a makeshift lassoo and try to catch a helpless bird.

Furby – I honestly think the devils hand was at work here. There is no other explanation. This thing is a fury ball of evil. Not to mention it’s annoying as shit. If I ever entered a dark room and saw one of these things staring at me, I would probably poo myself.

Virtual-Boy – While I never had one, these things were sweet and in every video shop for about 6 months until they realized no one was buying them except for that one kid who was cool for 6 months. I think this only came with one game. Boxing. And my god was it fun, but so damn expensive.

Pokemon – I’ll admit. I liked them. I played the video game. It was fun. The names! The cards! The adventure!…. I must stop or I’ll be forced to start playing pokemon games again.

Magic – Yes, I’m flashing my dork sign here, but this was (and still is) a sweet game. The true fans stopped collecting after the 5th generation. It all got a bit too complicated after that.

Beanie Babies – There was a time when people justified paying 50$ for a bean bag shaped like a starfish. For the good of humanity, this time has come to pass.

Know of any others?



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8 responses to “10 Fads That Haunted Our Childhoods

  1. jillian

    well done, nick. i will admit that i or my brother partook in 6 out of 10 of those fads (i had a hot pink skip-it and begged my mother for a tamagotchi but ended up with a dino pet). and furbies are def. scarier than hell. at the age of 13 i encountered a furby in a dark room while home alone. i thought a stranger was in the house but it was only my brother’s furby cooing in his room.

    i would add to that list cabbage patch kids, my little ponies, and gak. cabbage patch kids and my little ponies i stand by, but gak (and i had it of course- hot pink)?! wtf, mate? we got swept up in goo that only lasted until you dropped it on the ground or carpet?

    Yes, yes we did.

  2. weelonelyskytree

    rachel mandell and i had a tamagochi my sophomore year that we bought at wal*mart for 9 dollars in the days when we still used to go to wal*mart (it was 24 hours, come on!). we named it brody and traded off parental duties throughout the day as class schedules allowed. one day it gave birth to a new baby. then the battery died and we never replaced it. i still have it.

    i recognized all of those things except for the virtual video game one, but perhaps that’s because i wasn’t a boy, and that i was also still playing my way cooler super nintendo.


  3. Zahnfleisch

    Gak. ( / Floam / whatever).
    Koosh balls?
    Super Soaker.

  4. Zahnfleisch

    Moon shoes, too. Did you have those? Small trampolines you strapped to your feet. They were incredibly cumbersome.

  5. 3rd3y3

    Slap bracelets. My sister used to whip my ass with these things. Every time I found one in my stocking (probably 4 Christmases in a row) she would get this gleam in her eye and I would run, crying, around the house. The worst part was, it was just like a snakebite, but after it bites you, the snake is wrapped around you…terrifying.

  6. Nostalgia!!!! Magic Cards Rule

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  8. Magic Cards keep coming back to me… 🙂

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