This I believe.

This I believe is a radio program started by the acclaimed journalist Edward R. Murrow in the 1950’s. This radio show is being revived by NPR. It is a wonderful program. Participants are asked to write a short essay on what they believe and read them on air. It takes people from all walks of life, and I find it most interesting listening to the different values and experiences from the 1950’s as compared to today.

One can listen to George Mardikian talk about his immigration to Ellis Island after escaping imprisonment from the Russians and Turks, and the hope America meant for him at the time, or an essay by Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, or Jackie Robinson. Having the hindsight about their historical experiences makes these essays all the more powerful.

Then one can listen to modern essays from the late conservative Juggernaut William F. Buckley Jr. or the writer Amy Tan. Experiences and justification for their beliefs are very interesting and intertwined.

The world and experiences that the 1950’s talks about is almost alien, but their are parallel beliefs and experiences.

I started listening to the program and really couldn’t stop until I had heard over a dozen. It’s a great idea, and I’m glad NPR has revived the tradition. I highly recommend this show.


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