The ‘Hello’ Challenge

I have a dare, and I’m not sure if anyone will actually do it, but if they do, please write a post about it.

I’ve heard a few stories about people, who for one day, went out and said “hello” to every person that came within a 10 foot radius of them. This may seem absurd, and I think it is to some degree, but I also found in very interesting. Everyday we pass hundreds of people and all without an acknowledgment of any kind. I’m not sure how I’d react if some stranger was just saying hello to me, but I’m sure it would make me think and probably cheer me up a bit.

There was an article about a man who did this a while back, but unfortunately I’m having trouble finding it (if anyone knows of it, please post it in the comments).

So, here’s the challenge: Pick a day, and on this day you must say ‘hello’ to everyone who comes within your 10 foot bubble – no exceptions. You also have to go about the day like you normally would. So, no holding up in your room all day. If you do accept this challenge, you must write about it here in a post. There’s 20$ to the first person to complete the challenge in full.



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3 responses to “The ‘Hello’ Challenge

  1. kyletod

    I would love to try this, but it wouldn’t work so well living in a highly populated city. If I did this in Taipei (where the population density is 24,975/sq mi) I’d lose my voice by 11am. Maybe say hello to one person every 10 minutes…

  2. Interesting idea. I have so many familiar strangers that I have given them names…they dont know the names, but I do. It would be interesting to know what would come of actually speaking to them and finding out what my name is to them.

  3. Is the challenge still in power?

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