Photoshop Resources For Pros and Beginners

Over the years I’ve stumbled across some fantastic resources that have turned some pretty lame projects into some cool looking pieces of art. So, here’s a comprehensive list:

DeviantArt Photoshop Actions – Here you can look at and download photoshop actions which save an enormous amount of time for you. Download the action, open it in photoshop, open the picture you want to edit, and then hit play on the action. Sort it by popularity of all time, or the most recent additions. Some cool ones include a Polaroid effect and an old photo effect.

DeviantArt Photoshop Brushes – If you don’t have much experience with photoshop, these may seem a bit lame, but once you’ve gone through a few tutorials, you’ll realize that they’re invaluable. Just like the actions, there is a comprehensive list of photoshop brushes which you can download and install into photoshop.

Texture King – A great collection of free textures which are great for grunge tutorials and images.

Mayang’s Free Texture Library – Another great collection of free textures and images.

Google Advanced Image Search – Use google’s image search and change the usage rights option. You can then legally alter and reproduce the images that come up in the search depending on which option you choose.

Sock.xchng – A great collection of stock photos.


Stencil Tutorials – For those of you doing Graffiti and who are using silk screens, this tutorial will help you out.

60 of the Most Wanted Photoshop Tutorial and Resources – A great collection of resources and tutorials.

Smashing Magazine – Cool magazine that has many of the newest trends and tutorials for photoshop.

70 Excellent Photoshop Resources – The title says it all.

22 Professional Photshop Image Enhancing Tutorials – Make your photos look like the cover of a magazine.

35 Basic Photoshop Tutorials – A great start for beginners.

You suck at Photoshop – Video tutorials by a curmudgeon. These may make you feel bad, but they are a great resource.

And for fun: Models before and after photoshop. See what mass media does to distort our concepts of beauty. Roll over your mouse over each image to see before and after of each image.

For a post on Graffiti Art Stencil Collections and Tutorials go here.

Know of any others?



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4 responses to “Photoshop Resources For Pros and Beginners

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  3. Hi! do also know other applications/software that can be used in photo effects/enhancement aside from adobe photoshop?


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