Complete List of Skype Secrets

For those interested, go here for a complete list of Facebook secrets as well. Now on to the Skype list!

Download a bunch of applications (games, widgets, etc… mostly for windows, but a few mac friendly programs too)

Go here to change the skype mood writing (blinking text wahoooo)

Top 10 list of Skype secrets (an ok list)

For those of you wishing to surprise your friends on the wonderful world of skype here’s a complete list of secret emoticons. To use the emoticons just type the word, including parenthesis, into the text box and hit enter. For example, to get the mooning icon to appear type ‘(mooning)’. (Sources Here and Here.)

drop pants and moon! (mooning) Mooning emoticon, perfect…
middle finger, how rude! (finger) Middle finger emoticon, a very rude emoticon to express yourself.
swearing (swear) Swearing smiley, his words are just too rude to show!
Rock on! (rock) Rocking smiley, making a hand gesture and enjoying his music.
Cigarette (smoking) Smoking emoticon, this hidden smiley is one bad dude!
drunk smiley (drunk) Drunk emoticon, this Skype smiley’s had a bit too much to drink
Party time! (poolparty) Pool party emoticon, this guy just can’t wait to jump in!
Toivo from Skype (toivo) A guy and his dog, not sure what this emoticon is about, but Toivo was a Skype engineer.
smiley in mask (bandit) Masked bandit emoticon, quite unique. Good for when some stealth is required.
angry (headbang) Angry smiley banging his head against a wall, we’ve all felt this way sometime.
FUBAR smiley (fubar) FUBAR emoticon, for times when things just won’t work.
tmi! (tmi) Too Much Information (TMI) emoticon, good for when you’ve heard more than enough!
bug (bug) Bug emoticon, a black
squirrel (heidy) Squirrel emoticon, a cute little critter and his nut. Heidi is a Skype staff member.
(myspace)(flag:al) Albania
(flag:dz) Algeria
(flag:as) American Samoa
(flag:ad) Andorra
(flag:ao) Angola
(flag:ai) Anguilla
(flag:aq) Antarctica
(flag:ag) Antigua and Barbuda
(flag:ar) Argentina
(flag:am) Armenia
(flag:aw) Aruba
(flag:au) Australia
(flag:at) Austria
(flag:az) Azerbaijan
(flag:bs) Bahamas
(flag:bh) Bahrain
(flag:bd) Bangladesh
(flag:bb) Barbados
(flag:by) Belarus
(flag:be) Belgium
(flag:bz) Belize
(flag:bj) Benin
(flag:bm) Bermuda
(flag:bt) Bhutan
(flag:bo) Bolivia
(flag:ba) Bosnia and Herzegovina
(flag:bw) Botswana
(flag:br) Brazil
(flag:io) British Indian Ocean Territory
(flag:vg) British Virgin Islands
(flag:bn) Brunei Darussalam
(flag:bg) Bulgaria
(flag:bf) Burkina Faso
(flag:bi) Burundi
(flag:kh) Cambodia
(flag:cm) Cameroon
(flag:ca) Canada
(flag:cv) Cape Verde
(flag:ky) Cayman Islands
(flag:cf) Central African Republic
(flag:td) Chad
(flag:cl) Chile
(flag:cn) China
(flag:cx) Christmas Island
(flag:cc) Cocos Islands
(flag:co) Colombia
(flag:km) Comoros
(flag:cd) Congo
(flag:cg) Congo
(flag:ck) Cook Islands
(flag:cr) Costa Rica
(flag:ci) Cote D’Ivoire
(flag:cu) Cuba
(flag:cy) Cyprus
(flag:cz) Czech Republic
(flag:dk) Denmark
(flag:dj) Djibouti
(flag:dm) Dominica
(flag:do) Dominican Republic
(flag:ec) Ecuador
(flag:eg) Egypt
(flag:sv) El Salvador
(flag:gq) Equatorial Guinea
(flag:er) Eritrea
(flag:ee) Estonia
(flag:et) Ethiopia
(flag:fo) Faeroe Islands
(flag:fk) Falkland Islands
(flag:fj) Fiji
(flag:fi) Finland
(flag:fr) France
(flag:gf) French Guiana
(flag:pf) French Polynesia
(flag:tf) French Southern Territories
(flag:ga) Gabon
(flag:gm) Gambia
(flag:ge) Georgia
(flag:de) Germany
(flag:gh) Ghana
(flag:gi) Gibraltar
(flag:gr) Greece
(flag:gl) Greenland
(flag:gd) Grenada
(flag:gp) Guadaloupe
(flag:gu) Guam
(flag:gt) Guatemala
(flag:gn) Guinea
(flag:gw) Guinea-Bissau
(flag:gy) Guyana
(flag:ht) Haiti
(flag:hm) Heard and McDonald Islands
(flag:va) Holy See (Vatican City State)
(flag:hn) Honduras
(flag:hk) Hong Kong
(flag:hr) Hrvatska
(flag:hu) Hungary
(flag:is) Iceland
(flag:in) India
(flag:id) Indonesia
(flag:ir) Iran
(flag:iq) Iraq
(flag:ie) Ireland
(flag:il) Israel
(flag:it) Italy
(flag:jm) Jamaica
(flag:jp) Japan
(flag:jo) Jordan
(flag:kz) Kazakhstan
(flag:ke) Kenya
(flag:ki) Kiribati
(flag:kp) Korea
(flag:kr) Korea
(flag:kw) Kuwait
(flag:kg) Kyrgyz Republic
(flag:la) Lao
(flag:lv) Latvia
(flag:lb) Lebanon
(flag:ls) Lesotho
(flag:lr) Liberia
(flag:ly) Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
(flag:li) Liechtenstein
(flag:lt) Lithuania
(flag:lu) Luxembourg
(flag:mo) Macao
(flag:mk) Macedonia
(flag:mg) Madagascar
(flag:mw) Malawi
(flag:my) Malaysia
(flag:mv) Maldives
(flag:ml) Mali
(flag:mt) Malta
(flag:mh) Marshall Islands
(flag:mq) Martinique
(flag:mr) Mauritania
(flag:mu) Mauritius
(flag:yt) Mayotte
(flag:mx) Mexico
(flag:fm) Micronesia
(flag:md) Moldova
(flag:mc) Monaco
(flag:mn) Mongolia
(flag:ms) Montserrat
(flag:ma) Morocco
(flag:mz) Mozambique
(flag:mm) Myanmar
(flag:na) Namibia
(flag:nr) Nauru
(flag:np) Nepal
(flag:an) Netherlands Antilles
(flag:nl) Netherlands
(flag:nc) New Caledonia
(flag:nz) New Zealand
(flag:ni) Nicaragua
(flag:ne) Niger
(flag:ng) Nigeria
(flag:nu) Niue
(flag:nf) Norfolk Island
(flag:mp) Northern Mariana Islands
(flag:no) Norway
(flag:om) Oman
(flag:pk) Pakistan
(flag:pw) Palau
(flag:ps) Palestina
(flag:pa) Panama
(flag:pg) Papua New Guinea
(flag:py) Paraguay
(flag:pe) Peru
(flag:ph) Philippines
(flag:pn) Pitcairn Island
(flag:pl) Poland
(flag:pt) Portugal
(flag:pr) Puerto Rico
(flag:qa) Qatar
(flag:re) Reunion
(flag:ro) Romania
(flag:ru) Russian Federation
(flag:rw) Rwanda
(flag:sh) St. Helena
(flag:kn) St. Kitts and Nevis
(flag:lc) St. Lucia
(flag:pm) St. Pierre and Miquelon
(flag:vc) St. Vincent and the Grenadines
(flag:ws) Samoa
(flag:sm) San Marino
(flag:st) Sao Tome and Principe
(flag:sa) Saudi Arabia
(flag:sn) Senegal
(flag:cs) Serbia and Montenegro
(flag:sc) Seychelles
(flag:sl) Sierra Leone
(flag:sg) Singapore
(flag:sk) Slovakia
(flag:si) Slovenia
(flag:sb) Solomon Islands
(flag:so) Somalia
(flag:za) South Africa
(flag:es) Spain
(flag:lk) Sri Lanka
(flag:sd) Sudan
(flag:sr) Suriname
(flag:sz) Swaziland
(flag:se) Sweden
(flag:ch) Switzerland
(flag:sy) Syria
(flag:tw) Taiwan
(flag:tj) Tajikistan
(flag:tz) Tanzania
(flag:th) Thailand
(flag:tl) Timor-Leste
(flag:tg) Togo
(flag:tk) Tokelau
(flag:to) Tonga
(flag:tt) Trinidad and Tobago
(flag:tn) Tunisia
(flag:tr) Turkey
(flag:tm) Turkmenistan
(flag:tc) Turks and Caicos Islands
(flag:tv) Tuvalu
(flag:vi) US Virgin Islands
(flag:ug) Uganda
(flag:ua) Ukraine
(flag:ae) United Arab Emirates
(flag:gb) United Kingdom
(flag:us) United States of America
(flag:uy) Uruguay
(flag:uz) Uzbekistan
(flag:vu) Vanuatu
(flag:ve) Venezuela
(flag:vn) Viet Nam
(flag:wf) Wallis and Futuna Islands
(flag:eh) Western Sahara
(flag:ye) Yemen
(flag:zm) Zambia
(flag:zw) Zimbabwe


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38 responses to “Complete List of Skype Secrets

  1. Great, I did not know about that up to now. Cheers.

  2. Just a note, your (myspace) emoticon is not correctly shown.

    Furthermore, there are a plethora of commands you can use within the chat-window (also some special ones for public chats) for controlling and managing the chats. See for the list of commands and their effects, I’m aware of currently.

    And for changing your Skype mood message using rich formatting and some HTML tags from within your (Internet Explorer!) browser, I’ve set up a page with some examples here

  3. Howdyall . First,allow me to say, great page . I enjoyed reading your blog .. Thanks for the nice info

  4. somebody

    but did you know about the cat … haw to made her ??? i know 😛

  5. somebody

    I like This Smiles

  6. hello. i am saying there is more secrets on it but i’m not telling you them.why? because i’m just mysterious like that

  7. You forgot that holding any three keys makes a cat.

    • lhey


  8. nice one! i have tried them all and they works like a charm!!! thanks for sharing!


  9. Пол дня потратил))))

  10. can someone help me with a ? about something i seen on skype when i was talking to my wife?

  11. Layla

    the cat does not work and niether does the myspace…..:(:(:(

  12. me

    what about (zilmer)

  13. Abbey

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey! yuh forgt that im awesome 😉

  14. Jim

    You forgot (hollest) and (zilmer) !!!

  15. Costinteo

    You forgot about (wtf).
    It’s a pretty funny one, similar to (swearing).

  16. stepan

    lol if you press “as” and “kl” together U’ll get fuckin’ hands:D LOL:D
    but it’s about luck

  17. I actually blog likewise and I am composing something similar to
    this specific article, “Complete List of Skype Secrets
    | The Junkyard”. Do you care in cases where I actuallywork with
    some of your tips? Thanks for the post -Jerald

  18. Megastary

    You guys have no idea whats real list of skype secrets
    🙂 😦 😀 (cool) :O 😉 ;( (:|
    😐 :* 😛 :$ :^) |-) |-( (inlove)
    ]:) (yn) (yawn) (puke) (doh) (angry) (wasntme) (party)
    (worry) (mm) (nerd) 😡 (wave) (facepalm) (devil) (angel)
    (envy) (wait) (hug) (makeup) (chuckle) (clap) (think) (bow)
    (rofl) (whew) (happy) (smirk) (nod) (shake) (waiting) (emo)
    (y) (n) (handshake) (highfive) (heart) (lalala) (heidy) (F)
    (rain) (sun) (tumbleweed) (music) (bandit) (tmi) (coffee) (pi)
    (cash) (flex) (^) (beer) (d) \o/ (ninja) (*)

    also there is a cat writing animation when you press for example C,A,T at the same time and V,B,G to break pencil

  19. chloe

    I know right lol

  20. Poppy

    Wow this so cool

  21. Mackenzie

    you should try the cat just hold cat together and a cat will be in the message bit but you have to do it in the text bar FIRST.

  22. It’s really awesome!

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