Complaints From the Unemployed


Now that I’m back from Germany, I’m having the wonderful experience of searching for a job in the worst economy since the Great Depression. While this is an experience I’ll be able to hang over my children and grandchildren’s heads with lines like, “when I was a kid…” and “you don’t even know how easy you have it…” But nonetheless, it is extremely unpleasant, and really makes one wonder what the real worth of a college education is. During this process, I’ve noticed a few things to complain about.

Unpaid Internships

I empathize with anyone who does these because it really means they’ve given up hope for a while. They’ve hit rock bottom so hard that they will work for free after shelling out $120,000 all so they can say they have experience. While in theory gaining experience is wonderful, but I have a feeling this may be one of those experiences where you say to yourself, “why did I do that?”.

In addition, you normally end up in a bad situation where you have to live in the middle of a city, pay rent, buy food, and anything else you might need. You then see all of your friends with real jobs having social lives. Not to mention interns aren’t really entitled to benefits.

Honestly, I’d rather work at McDonalds where I can eat French fries and make a little money. I’d also be able hone my people skills dealing with all the unpaid interns who are forced to eat there because they can’t afford anything else.

Répondez s’il vous plaît

I understand that things have gotten a little impersonal in the Internet age, but I do have to say that it is downright rude and annoying when they don’t even take the time to write a one-line e-mail saying, “we hate you, and you’re not hired.” I could deal with that. Then at least I know someone has read at least looked at my resume and cover letter and possibly used it as a napkin.

But not replying is mean. People take time and effort to write their resumes and cover letters and most of these companies have departments called Human Resources whose sole job is to work on these types of things. I’m pretty sure a lot of these human resource departments are Dick Cheney clones sitting next to giant pits with fires at the bottom. These clones then proceed to throw cover letters and resumes in whilst adding each name to Santa’s naughty list. I think this standard needs to change.

Give me one line. It can be offensive, insulting, or whatever. I spent 4 hours writing a cover letter deciding which was the best way to write a paragraph. Please, just a response.


Has anyone gotten a job on Linked-in? The alleged recruiters who scan this social site are like Bigfoot. There are lots of rumors and videos of them. Conspiracy theorists (being me) think these rumors were started by Linked-in as a way to advertise.

Unfortunately, the site is very addicting. One can upload their resumes and get recommendations holding on to the glimmer of a hope that someone will actually read it, and even more miraculously, offer you a job.

For now, the unemployed, myself included, are living in fantasy worlds hoping Linked-in will bring us back to the real world.

This job search they have is very promising. If only my profile was a little better. Better update it one more time…

Know of any other announces? Also, check out or post on Job Hunting for Dummies (yes linkedin is on there)



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5 responses to “Complaints From the Unemployed

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  2. Justine

    I can understand companies not replying to you if you only sent in a resume and cover letter, but what really gets me angry is when companies don’t reply after you have had an interview! I got to the second round with one company (after driving 2 hours to Greenwich to get there) and met with 3 different people in 3 different interviews, and got no response from them after that. I think I followed up twice, and nothing. The company was extremely small too — about 10 people. You would think they would have time to send a quick “sorry, but no thanks” note.

    As far as LinkedIn goes… I have never been recruited on LinkedIn, but I did have an interviewer link to me after she had set up a time for our first interview (it was actually someone from Google). Luckily I a) had a LinkedIn account and b) had already bragged as much as possible about myself on my LinkedIn. I’m also linked with an old professor, and he sent me a message through the site about a possible job opportunity. So, I guess it has its benefits.

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  4. Good article, lots of intersting things to digest. Very informative.

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