Reckless Abandon

Okay, so I have to get this out… I know, so far it’s been a lot of moaning, but I don’t care… it’s too easy to praise… I will say though that, this year A Serious Man stands out as the best American film. While I was down in Savannah for the film festival and the production of my brother’s film, Up In The Air was their special, secret screening. So awful. You hear all these critics saying it’s a solid character study and that Clooney is like our Cary Grant. Ridiculous. He is great, at times, but this portrayal is hardly enthralling. It’s a role he could do in his sleep. What’s really disappointing though, is not the acting. The players do well with what they are given. No, it is Reitman’s script in all its floundering. Juno was fine, but Thank You For Smoking was clearly his strongest work, and since then, instead of improving his skill, he has been on a decline towards, dare I say it, Nick Cassavetes-ism.

Instead of going to this during the holidays, rent Criterion Collection’s fantastic edition of Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander. It might be hard to stomach at times, but it’s completely worth the pain, unlike this compulsive fart of a film.



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3 responses to “Reckless Abandon

  1. Thanks for the post Wilson. I agree A Serious Man was pretty awesome; although, there was some jerk in the theater eating popcorn with his mouth open the entire film and who also decided to receive a few phone calls.

  2. wilsonbstiner

    damn… that is the worst

  3. Jon

    I just saw a Serious Man last night. Damn good flick. And is it just me or was his slutty stoner neighbor transfixing as hell?

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