Links, Pictures, and Videos to Brighten your Monday

Metropolis and Mental Life by Georg Simmel (1903) – An interesting essay on the effects a city has on a persons identity and individualism

The Last Question – A Great and interesting short story by Isaac Asimov

A Dangerous Dysfunction – Interesting op-ed by Krugman on lobbyists, health care, and our governments inability to move forward.

Dexter Star Talks about the Season Finale

Building your own bamboo bike

Pretentious Singers Reference Manual

The Fighting Monk

Don’t Let your Mom use Facebook.

Health Care Bill Passes Key Vote.

Morgan Freeman Chain of Command

Paying to Work for Free – On Point’s special on unpaid internships. It also mentions 80 Million Strong For Young American Jobs an NGO that advocates rights for young workers.

The Awful and Astounding Movie Accents of the Decade

Is there an Obama Doctrine?

University Education: Coming to America

Tamils in Canada work for independent homeland in Sri Lanka


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