I watch a lot of movies… they are my dreams

This week I saw Herzog’s My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done? I was blown away. It seemed so right… such a perfect step forward, and a great companion piece to his Port of Call – New Orleans, which at times made me wonder why Herzog chose that project.

I asked Herzog, who was in attendance if his films were still ridding him of his nightmares – a direct reference to his quote of years earlier. He answered immediately that he did not have nightmares and that he did not dream. Very funny, Mr. Engimatic. He certainly knows how to maintain the shroud of mystery like all great directors.

Although Herzog deters the viewer from recognizing a specific meaning in his question and answer sessions, My Son does interweave some of the maestro’s most prolific themes and motifs. I highly suggest you see it and pay close attention to the symbols. There is no mistake in his writing. It’s not Dalí and Buñuel just jotting down there ideas. It’s highly calculated… but of course, it gets tough to say something direct when your message is that the quest for meaning is futile… that, like in the jungles of Peru, it’s all chaos.

Last night, I also went to a late screening of Avatar in 3D, which was a visual feast. I just wish they could raise that kind of money for Lars von Trier or Harmony Korine… or Herzog. I didn’t really need to see a re-telling of Dances With Wolves with the same running time, but it certainly made me want to reach out and have sex with blue aliens… what?

If you’re in the mood of getting drunk and watching a movie that will stir things up inside of you… and watch amazing acting: Altman’s A Secret Honor. Actually, it might make a fun (in a deep kinda way) drinking contest.



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3 responses to “I watch a lot of movies… they are my dreams

  1. damn sexy blue aliens!

    Herzog is wonderful. I really need to sit down and watch a boat load more of his films. They did an interview with him last week (or 2 weeks ago?) on NPR about his new movie and life works. It’s really interesting. http://www.onpointradio.org/2009/12/werner-herzog

  2. wilsonbstiner

    nice… I will listen… does he get shot in this interview too?

  3. Greetings and thank you for a enlightening posting. I thank you what you said.

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