This is long overdue because I finished it on Nov. 5, but here is the film that I worked on for 3 months while I was in Germany. It’s a story about two friends who learn that not everyone grows up at the same time or in the same way, but that no one gets left behind in true friendship. The assignment was for everyone in the class to come up with a proposal of a story with some visuals and a schedule, present it to a panel of visiting professors, and after a vote 4 stories would be chosen. After we picked the stories, the students who proposed the winning ideas could pick teams and let the school know what resources they would need. I picked two students who luckily worked really well together and didn’t mind forfeiting sleep for 2 months. We spent about 1 month on storyboarding and layout, 2 months on animating, and 2 weeks on sound, editing, and troubleshooting. Nick recorded all of the music, but he also went uncredited for waking me up in the morning when my alarm clock didn’t do the job and making oatmeal and coffee every morning- probably the only real meal I got every day for those three months. On Nov. 6 the school premiered all of our films in a movie theater in Halle, Germany. The school threw a big catered, open bar party- but they might as well have just rented a room full of cots because we were all so tired we could barely keep our eyes open! Back at Conn, with a little determination you could always pull an all nighter and pass in a project with a sliding finish. You’d lose a night of sleep and your brain might short circuit a little the next day, but heck you’d gotten less sleep on party weekends so it didn’t really matter. I wasn’t used to 3 months of all nighters, and suddenly I understood why all of the film majors at Conn looked like zombie-vampires. Anyway, I’ve recovered since then and now I have more time than I know what to do with as I sit at my job-hunting command station (Not unemployed though- as my mother likes to remind me, “Honey you’re not unemployed, you never WERE employed!) I hope you enjoy the short.


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