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I’ve just gotten into an obsession over Sergio Leone’s movies.NYFA-sergio-leone

Whether it’s the whistling riffs in the arranged music by Ennio Morricone, the way all the men chug whisky straight from the bottle and continue to drive stagecoaches skillfully over rough terrain, or the way Clint Eastwood and his cigarillo send shivers of retribution up my spine when he’s about to blast a bad guy, this Italian director who apparently could barely speak english captured the American Wild West superbly.  Or at least the Wild West we all fantacise about.

Out of ignorance, I had no clue why people called this genre of movies “Spaghetti Westerns,” but it quickly became obvious after watching my first one a week ago -most names in the credits were Italian.  However, Italians are not the only Europeans with a Wild West obsession, these northern Europeans have an infatuation as well.  It is amazing how well this man made westerns: it’s almost as if  you can actually feel and taste the dust in the dry air, smell the sagebrush, and feel the wind blow as tumbleweeds pass by.

The reason these movies have such a universal appeal may be that they portray the archtypical hero and manliness, honestly, who wouldn’t want to be the lone bounty hunter shooting your way to save the dame?  With all the drinking, smoking, fighting, horse riding, and women, it’s easy to see how many old and young from other continents become infatuated with these movies.

I would highly recommend grabbing some beer and popcorn and watching The Man With No Name trilogy to anyone wanting to escape to the Wild West for a few hours.



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