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Taizhong City

Echoes and the shadow of something faint moving underwater in the mottled riverbed. Rain showers on a distant town, a grey curtain bent in the wind. Fell swoons, jet black harbingers of dusk, the crowds amassing at nightfall, hawkers out with pretense. Mongers holding forth on street corners. Pedestrian clocks are ticking slowly on each and every, a yuletide traffic configuration throughout the city. Claybrick heat still and impenetrating. Pharaoh highbreds in spritzed fancy. Vague longing. Empty-eyed they noshing on sundries. Bloated bagfuls, all the spoils. Children importune. Back at old cottages what gathered moss as if pock gilt and hoary leaved banyans hung with pollen and soot from the chimneys. Therein, noon had the dull shape of all the neighbors pacing by the windows, and tall stalks of withered corn stood still, outside the blind testimony of heat bugs rung plain and shrill. Bootstrap Business


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Private Dancer

Long time, no post… not sure how many readers we get, but I thought I’d say hello.

The title comes of this post comes from a graphic novel I have begun creating, which I hope to prove innovative in the world of comics. I reference Tina because the story is comes from the early nineties/late eighties mentality mixed with the blaxploitation trends with another twist that parallels that of my first feature film, Ser O Estar: a modern relationship to an ancient myth.

I started by compiling music that inspired me and wrote it as a musical, which will then be transformed into the graphic novel format.

I will keep you posted on the progress, but I’m going to have to keep it under wraps for a while…

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The Like Button

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, check out Facebook’s new feature the like button. This allows you to add a simple feature to your site or blog and then have traffic generated through it. It’s also really cool to see what different people around the internet are viewing. You can check out an overview page here which gives a glimpse at what’s going on in your social network as well as around the web.

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Tallest Man on Earth – Review

If you haven’t heard of The Tallest Man on Earth yet, he’s great. His voice is unique and was a bit grating to me at first, but after listening to him for a few weeks, it’s really grown on me. He uses a lot of abstract lyrics and unique tunings in his songs. He’s definitely worth checking out if you like folk music at all, or if you’re looking for something a little unique. I got tickets to the Tallest Man on Earth in a few weeks at the Independent Theater in San Francisco, and I’ll be sure to let all of you know about how the show goes.

Check out his cover of Graceland:

and his takeaway show (The Gardner):

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Copy/Paste: A Year In Review

As we march on into what seems like a futile attempt to keep the old standards alive… here are my “standards” for 2009:

So much great music came out this year, I decided to arrange my top choices in a new way… Here are two, 20-track playlists that I would say are a good distillation of what stood out… and yes, the order does matter.

Bracket, WI – Bon Iver
Fine For Now – Grizzly Bear
Malibu Gas Station – Sonic Youth
My Girls – Animal Collective
Ghost Symbol – Zero 7
See The Leaves – The Flaming Lips
Lover’s Carvings – Bibio
Useful Chamber – Dirty Projectors
Batty Boyz – DOOM
Natures Uplifting Revenge – Prefuse 73
Surprise Stefani – Dan Deacon
DDMMYYYY – Soap&Skin
New Tricks – Great Northern
Star Eyes (I Can’t Catch It) (with David Lynch) – Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse
Amuse Bouche – Fischerspooner
The Fun Powder Plot – Wild Beasts
I’m An Animal – Neko Case
Infinity – The xx
Roses (ft. Georgia Anne Muldrow) – Mos Def
Marrow – St. Vincent

Drown In The Now (ft. Matisyahu) – The Crystal Method
Shock Doctrine (Eskmo Remix) – STS9
La Niña Rica – Bomba Estéreo
Not Your Average Girl (ft. Shareefa) – Ghostface Killah
1901 – Phoenix
On To The Next One (ft. Swizz Beatz) – Jay-Z
Hope You’re Happy (ft. Billy Danze, Nikki Wray & Q-Tip) – Blakroc
Sabali – Amadou & Mariam
Horsey Noisers – Venetian Snares
Jumps The Fence (ft. Connan Mockasin) – The BPA
One Above One – Vitalic
Ghosts N STuff (Nero Remix) (ft. Rob Swire) – Deadmau5
Pulls Me Back – Rhymefest
Evil Deeds – Wu-Tang Clan
TheMark (ft. D-Styles) – Themselves
Escape Me (ft. Cc Sheffield) – Tiësto
Tonight – The Big Pink
Take Me To The Hospital – The Prodigy
Don’t Hold Back, Feel A Little Longer – The Most Serene Republic

… and for film: Top 10
(granted, I missed a lot that sound like they would bump these around):

01. Antichrist
02. My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done?
03. A Serious Man
04. Where The Wild Things Are
05. Inglorious Basterds
06. Whatever Works
07. Broken Embraces
08. 45365
09. Collapse
10. The Informant

Happy New Year!


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This is long overdue because I finished it on Nov. 5, but here is the film that I worked on for 3 months while I was in Germany. It’s a story about two friends who learn that not everyone grows up at the same time or in the same way, but that no one gets left behind in true friendship. The assignment was for everyone in the class to come up with a proposal of a story with some visuals and a schedule, present it to a panel of visiting professors, and after a vote 4 stories would be chosen. After we picked the stories, the students who proposed the winning ideas could pick teams and let the school know what resources they would need. I picked two students who luckily worked really well together and didn’t mind forfeiting sleep for 2 months. We spent about 1 month on storyboarding and layout, 2 months on animating, and 2 weeks on sound, editing, and troubleshooting. Nick recorded all of the music, but he also went uncredited for waking me up in the morning when my alarm clock didn’t do the job and making oatmeal and coffee every morning- probably the only real meal I got every day for those three months. On Nov. 6 the school premiered all of our films in a movie theater in Halle, Germany. The school threw a big catered, open bar party- but they might as well have just rented a room full of cots because we were all so tired we could barely keep our eyes open! Back at Conn, with a little determination you could always pull an all nighter and pass in a project with a sliding finish. You’d lose a night of sleep and your brain might short circuit a little the next day, but heck you’d gotten less sleep on party weekends so it didn’t really matter. I wasn’t used to 3 months of all nighters, and suddenly I understood why all of the film majors at Conn looked like zombie-vampires. Anyway, I’ve recovered since then and now I have more time than I know what to do with as I sit at my job-hunting command station (Not unemployed though- as my mother likes to remind me, “Honey you’re not unemployed, you never WERE employed!) I hope you enjoy the short.

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I watch a lot of movies… they are my dreams

This week I saw Herzog’s My Son, My Son What Have Ye Done? I was blown away. It seemed so right… such a perfect step forward, and a great companion piece to his Port of Call – New Orleans, which at times made me wonder why Herzog chose that project.

I asked Herzog, who was in attendance if his films were still ridding him of his nightmares – a direct reference to his quote of years earlier. He answered immediately that he did not have nightmares and that he did not dream. Very funny, Mr. Engimatic. He certainly knows how to maintain the shroud of mystery like all great directors.

Although Herzog deters the viewer from recognizing a specific meaning in his question and answer sessions, My Son does interweave some of the maestro’s most prolific themes and motifs. I highly suggest you see it and pay close attention to the symbols. There is no mistake in his writing. It’s not Dalí and Buñuel just jotting down there ideas. It’s highly calculated… but of course, it gets tough to say something direct when your message is that the quest for meaning is futile… that, like in the jungles of Peru, it’s all chaos.

Last night, I also went to a late screening of Avatar in 3D, which was a visual feast. I just wish they could raise that kind of money for Lars von Trier or Harmony Korine… or Herzog. I didn’t really need to see a re-telling of Dances With Wolves with the same running time, but it certainly made me want to reach out and have sex with blue aliens… what?

If you’re in the mood of getting drunk and watching a movie that will stir things up inside of you… and watch amazing acting: Altman’s A Secret Honor. Actually, it might make a fun (in a deep kinda way) drinking contest.


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