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Hello!  I’m posting an animatic  for a story that I’m working on  right now. For anyone who doesn’t know, an animatic is one step above a storyboard. Ideally, it should be a tool to perfect the timing of actions but I’m not quite at that stage yet. It is really just to give producers a basic idea of how the story will be visualized (so they can give you miiiiiillions of dollars and fund your masterpiece!) For our pitching session they invited back a few of our former guest speakers (a production manager, a scriptwriter, a guy who used to do character design for Disney, etc.) and we presented our stories to a panel of professionals for the first time. It felt like we were on a German version of American Idol. One thing that I’m still getting used to is the German way of speaking very directly, whether it’s a compliment or a criticism, so you can bet I was pretty nervous! In the end we chose a few projects to begin next week and I’m really excited to say that mine was one of the ones that we’ll be working on for the next three months!

Summary: The story is about how everyone grows up at different speeds and in different ways. The main characters are a mouse and his friend, a caterpillar, who love to build and fly kites. One day the caterpillar becomes a chrysalis and grows up, but the mouse is still the same. Confused and frustrated, the mouse gets stuck in a cocoon of kite string on his own and thinks that he will grow butterfly wings as well. He is even more disappointed when he finds out that it doesn’t work that way. Eventually, he comes up with his own way to keep up with his butterfly friend.

Here is the vid with music by Nick! Again, it’s just the first version. I’m still ironing out the second half of the script so I would love any feedback or suggestions!   -Aubrey


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