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Links, Pictures, and Videos to Brighten your Monday

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Speed of light from the Earth to the Moon (animation)

Apparently the Navy has Trained seals (the animals) to handcuff people underwater…

20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer

Diplomacy that will live in infamy.

Stopping Climate Change

How a Supervillain is born

Cancer From the Kitchen?

Unemployment in America

Cargo Bikes!


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A Gentleman’s and Lady’s Guide to Beer

For us twenty somethings who have never touched a beer but natty-ice before, I’ve decided to through together a guide to try and bring some clarity to that ancient drink called beer. So, next time you go into a bar you (kind of) know what you’re ordering, or you can try and outsmart the local liquor store clerk.

Some things to know. Most European beers (and all Germany beers) follow the Reinheitsgebot.

What is this large funny looking word you say? Well it’s translated (more or less) as purity law. It basically says that it’s illegal to brew beer with anything but hops, wheat, barley, or water.

Now why would they do this? To try and understand this you have to think in medieval times people put whatever the hell they damn please in their drinks. So, when brewing beers they would stick whatever they wanted in there from town to town, and nobody really knew what beer was anymore. This was actually common practice and the most common type of beer in medieval times. Until people started tripping and going crazy from the weird stuff they were putting in it. This type of beer was called Gruit. Some micro brews are looking up old recipes and if you brew your own beer you may be able to find a recipe that the vikings drank.

To reconcile the crazy beer brewing a bunch of burly men got together and made this law. Hence today you have fairly standard forms of beer. In America, micro-brews aren’t bound too much by this tradition and many have diverted and experimented making some really nice new beers and flavors.

Here is a simple guide to what you might find at the bar or store:

  • An Ale is brewed with top fermenting yeast. This means that while it is brewing the yeast float on the top. The yeast eventually settles toward the bottom making everyone a bit happier. Styles of ales include Porters, Stouts, Brown Ales, and Hefeweissen (or wheat beers). The difference in colors comes from the grain that is used and how long certain parts of the brewing process occur. Wheat beers are almost sweet and are usually cloudy. You can get a kristalweissen which is a wheat beer that has had the yeast filtered out and has a very light flavor. Stouts and Porters use darker grains and have a much stronger flavor.
  • The other major category are Lagers. These are what you normally find and this beer was designed so it could last a while. These beers start their fermenting from the bottom. So, that yeast never makes its way up top. This affects the flavor and appearance of the beer. This type of beer is usually force carbonated and took much later to develop. The most well known type of lager is a Pilsner.
  • Like I said there are also many hybrid beers and new types arising now. A lot of microbrews in America make Christmas Ales (an ale with nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves), Blueberry Ale, Pumpkin Ale. Mead is sometimes also talked about but this is  fermented with honey instead of barley or wheat.
  • Some mixed drinks you might come across in Germany are a Radler (beer mixed with lemonade or fanta) or a Diesel (beer mixed with soda).

Check out this sweet graph and article describing all the different types of beers and what “family” they fall under.  These pages are also interesting if you want to read about specific types of beer and how they are brewed or how they are different from other ales or lagers. Herehere, and here.

What weird types of beer do you know?

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Just another one to add to my list

So I was in the supermarket (Rewe) today picking up some necessities like a package of ham, a bottle of soda and a 5 liter mini keg of Beer (of course) among other things.  That was all fine and good but this story took a turn for the worse with regards to my self esteem during the transaction with the cashier.

So I come to the point in time where I have to make one of the more difficult decisions that one has to make in a day and that of course is which checkout line to go through. On this particular occasion there were only 2 options. These 2 possibilities included a line with an older  cashier who was having some difficulties with the customer in her line and she had to call over a fellow employee (the guy probably forgot to weigh his fruit and as we all know German’s HATE when someone forgets to weigh their fruit). The other alternative was an attractive young lady of about 21 or 22 years old whose line seemed to be moving quite smoothly.

This decision was remarkably easy. I  began laying my groceries onto the belt and waited a short minute until it was my turn to check out. As the young lady was scanning my gorceries she came to the dreaded 5 liter keg of beer and gave me a quick glance.

Now before I go any further I thought I would clarify a few things.

1.) I’m living in Germany right now

2.) The drinking age for beer in Germany is 16 (though it’s not even very strongly enforced considering it’s part of the culture)

Back to the story…. What happened next caught me completely off guard. She said in a very polite way ‘Ausweis” which means ID. Feeling a bit discombobulated, I asked her to repeat. Again, she asked me if she could see my ID. (Now I have been living in Germany for a year and NOONE has ever asked me to present my ID). I quickly started searching through my wallet to find my New York State drivers license. I handed it to her and you could tell that she had probably never seen such an ID before and she looked at it for some time until the realization struck that I was 25 years old (9 years older than the drinking age). In a very embarassed voice she said in English, “oops sorry” and handed me back my ID. At this point my self – esteem was already lower than Bush’s approval rating in 2008. I just said “no problem” paid, took my groceries and left the supermarket as quick as possible with tears streaming down my face and a slight sniffle. Thats actually a bit exaggerated, the tears weren’t really streaming down but only trickling.

On the bright side, the next time I go in there I probably won’t have to go through such a traumatic experience considering my face is probably burned into her mind now.


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Sunday’s Links

Article from the New Yorker about Greenspans testimony to Congress. Good read.

An ignored issue that is going to have to be addressed by the next president, food.

How much does Palin’s makeup artist make?

When are we going to start giving loans again?

Great photo essay

Give me a Boost (web comic)

How to get a mouse in a beer bottle:

Hamster Bowling:

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Links to enjoy with your coffee

Warren Buffet’s Op-ed on why he’s investing in American Stocks Now

This would be huge. Colin Powell might endorse Obama.

XKCD and laptops

SLC Punk and how to get a job in this economy

Beer that fights cancer?

Wall Street Journal Opinion Piece about Sarah Palin

Obama’s Still Rocking the polls. A really good poll website for those of you who are interested.

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