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Links, Pictures, and Videos to Brighten your Week.

James Cameron’s Pocahontas… I mean Avatar.

Making College ‘Relevant’

Where the Jobs Will be this Decade?

2009 Darwin Award Winners

Staff resigns when Parker Griffith switches parties

Harsh Justice in China

Adult Learning: How to Train the Aging Brain?

Letters From London: My American Friends

Where are you moving to Joe?

That 1937 Feeling

Dissertations on his Dudeness (for you Big Lebowski Fans)

10 Words you Need to Stop Misspelling

Dolphins should be treated as ‘non-human persons’

World’s Tallest Building Opens Up in Dubai Amid Controversy

What’s changed this decade?

Beautifulpeople.com cuts 5,000 people from their site because they’re too fat.

Airline bomber – security fiasco

New Animation: Learn to Speak Tea Bag


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Links, Videos, and Pictures to Brighten Your Monday

7 Tips for the First Time Home Buyer

Big Food vs. Big Insurance

Speaking of Fast Food – There are apparently secret things you can order at many fast food restaurants.

Former Taiwanese President is sentenced to life in prison.

New Push to Outlaw Neo-Nazis in Germany

ABC corrects their erroneous claim of millions of protesters. Apparently, the leader of those protests just straight-up lied. The power of misinformation and the Internet. There’s more here.

Why Lehman Brothers Had to Fail.

The Surprise Winner of the Government’s Stimulus Spending? The Gun Industry.

Trade Rift Between the U.S. and China over Tires

Obama’s Next Battle? Reform Wall Street.

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Links, Pictures, and Videos to Brighten Your Monday

Health care debate is deranged?

How did economists get it so wrong? Great article by Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman.

Why are college costs still rising?

Your brain on God.

GQ doesn’t want the Russians to read this article. Investigative piece on how Putin came to power. Click on the images to enlarge photos of the article in English.

Harwood has some choice words for people complaining about Obama’s school speech.

Ebay sells Skype

China gets a budding civil rights movement.

What do you find in unexplored volcanoes? A new species of giant rat.

Link Comes to Town!

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