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Links, Pictures, Videos to brighten your Monday

Add any good links you’ve found. We’ll start a new draft each week. Just add stuff whenever you find it and we’ll publish it every Monday.


Republicans have adopted the tactics of a radical leftist. Interesting read.

Report on CIA abuses. The report should be released today, but this is a good overview.

Starting a business in the recession.

The Guns of August. and Still Crazy After All These Years – Two full frontal assaults on the crazies that have high-jacked the conservative movement at the moment. One by the New York Times and the other by the Economist.

Switch your credit card, get better deals.

How to massage your cat

Dr. Steve Bruhl

The Multiverse


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Cash or Credit?

I’m experiencing a problem here in Germany.

They hate anyone who pays with plastic. For an American this is like eating spaghetti with your hands. Using a credit or debit card (responsibly) just makes sense. It’s a lot easier and it saves a crap load of time.

If you attempt to pay for something with a credit card the most common response you’ll get is a scoff and then a scold saying, “we don’t take that here”. Although in German it’s a lot less polite.

To make matters worse, they also get extremely offended by very small change or large bills. So, if one doesn’t have anything between 1 euro or 20 euros, then one is up the figurative shit river without a paddle.

You’ll hand them your card and then they’ll get pissed and outright refuse. Then you hand them the 50 euros the ATM automatically gives you and they’ll at first refuse to break it. Saying, “I can’t break that”, or “Fuck you”.  As you plead your case they finally concede to taking your legal tender, and open their drawer which you notice is stuffed full of 5’s, 10’s, and 20’s since it is clearly the only thing they like using.

I really can’t explain their irrational hatred for large bills or credit cards, or why they get so upset about breaking larger bills. If anyone has any insights about this, I would love to hear about it.


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