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Monday’s Links

Cotton Picking Map of the South and who voted republican in the last election

10 creepiest skittle commercials of all time

Lost Beatles track to be released

annnnnd some Japanese vending machines

Uhh… This guy should be calling everyone up and saying ‘I told you so’

Mother of God Japanese Hornets lay the smack down:

How not to act or screen write:


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Election Day Links!

Erection for the Election (cyanide comic)

Polling place finder

Free stuff if you vote… here’s the list

Your voting rights. Just in case someone tries to hassle you.

Funny election day pictures

Many videos giving different reasons to vote

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Monday’s a Drag; Click Some Links

Canvasing for Obama and what he learned.

What pencil not to use on a test (xkcd comic)


SNL: Affleck Mocks Olberman

Rednecks for Obama

Nothing We Can’t Do Obama Ad:

Please vote… and get a free coffee…

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