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The Like Button

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, check out Facebook’s new feature the like button. This allows you to add a simple feature to your site or blog and then have traffic generated through it. It’s also really cool to see what different people around the internet are viewing. You can check out an overview page here which gives a glimpse at what’s going on in your social network as well as around the web.


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How to do Facebook Tricks and Easter Eggs (Including Magic Circles, Pirate Talk, emoticons, and Greasemonkey Scripts)

Magic Circles

Apparently, some programmers at Facebook are fans of the Nintendo game Contra and the famous 30 lives cheat.

To get this trick to work go to the main page of facebook and then hit: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A and enter. Now when you scroll up or down little magic circles will appear on the screen. To make it go away just hit refresh. Pretty pointless, but fun 🙂

Pirate English and Upside Down English

Another trick is to change Facebook into Pirate English. Click on settings at the top right of your screen. Then click on Language and kind of toward the bottom is an option for “English (Pirate)”. Now you’ll be trolling facebook like a true matey, yarrr!

A good prank to play on a friend is to set the English to Upside Down. It will cause serious confusion.


For those of you with Mozilla Firefox, you can get the extension Boost. This allows you to have a customized theme, or even request your own. There are also features like “one click pokes” and “rollover pictures” which enlarges any picture you rollover.


Another Firefox extension is Greasemonkey. Install the extension and then install a script for Facebook. Most will change the color or theme for your facebook page. Some examples are here and here. And here’s a post on 20 Greasemonkey Scripts that will Improve your facebook experience. And a list of 25 Greasemonkey Facebook Scripts.

Facebook Chat Emoticons and Bold Script

Here’s a complete list of the emoticons that can be used in Facebook Chat:

smile frown tongue grin gasp wink glasses sunglasses grumpy unsure cry devil angel kiss heart kiki squint confused upset pacman colonthree robot putnam
🙂 😦 😛 😀 :O 😉 8) 8| 😡 :\ 😥 3:) O:) :-* ^_^ -_- O.o >:o :v :3 :|] :putnam:

Also to get bold writing in Facebook chat just type anything you want between stars. For example, *bold*.

Facebook Lite

For those of you who haven’t heard of it yet, check out facebook lite. It’s basically just a stripped down version of facebook that is a lllloooot faster.

Know of any other facebook tricks? Or a some Skype Secrets?


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Links, Pictures, and Videos to Brighten your Monday

China won’t broadcast Obama’s visit on TV.

15 Things worth knowing about coffee.

Taliban making gains in Northern Afghanistan.

The Irish own the French (funny)

History of the Internet in a nutshell.

Politicians in Washington are literally reading the same talking points from lobbyists.

How to market a small business on Facebook.

The best exercises for healthy bones.

open a bottle of wine with your shoe

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Links, Pictures, and Videos to Brighten your Tuesday

Sorry for the delay, I’ve been off in Sweden.

Apparently the future is attacking our particle accelerators because it doesn’t like them.

7 Real Tips From Cosmo That Will Put a Man in the Hospital.

New Facebook Design.

See and copy the experts trades. Kaching

Saturn at Equinox

Finland Makes Broadband a public right.

Musicians Hear Better.

Pakistan starts an offensive against the Taliban

Insider traders busted.

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Tech Tip of the Day: Facebook Lite

Ahh yes, finally Facebook has done something right. After slowly converting toward a myspace layout of chaos and disorder Facebook has released Facebook Lite and it is gloriously simple.

Remember when facebook started, and how plain it was? Well, they realized that some people actually prefer that. I highly recommend this new version for those of you who use Facebook.

Check out a complete list of Facebook Easter Eggs and Secrets.

What are your thoughts on this strip-down?

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Links, Pictures, and Videos to Brighten your Monday

Little Girl’s Science Experiment Owns Multinational Food Corporation

Jim Breuer Freaks out During a Pizza Hut Commercial

Japan Changes Political Parties for the First Time in a Loooooooong Time

Reading Rainbow is Ending!

Facebook Exodus

Shoes? No Shoes? What the Hell are these Armored Socks?

Europe and Islam

CIA and Torture


Source: https://i1.wp.com/imgur.com/TRaOA.jpg

Milkman vs. Mailman

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Twitter down (facebook also experiencing attack)

The social media website Twitter is experiencing a Denial of Service Attack and will be updating more on their status page. Facebook also seems to be having some issues.

For more information about a Denial of Service Attack you can read that here or here. It’s basically an attack that floods a computers server so no one is able to access the site.

Similar attacks occurred recently with some U.S. government sites including the state department which they though may have come from North Korea.

With all the events that have happened in Iran and how twitter was being used there by protesters I would not be surprised if this attack was coming from within Iran. (So much so that Twitter changed their maintenance time so protesters could use the service)  In addition, Ahmadinejad was recently sworn in recently which might suggest a consolidation of power within the bickering government there.

If that is the case it would present an interesting situation. There was a recent editorial in the Christian Science Monitor addressing how the U.S. government should or should not react to the current situation in Iran. We’ll see what happens.

Now all the internet nerds won’t know what to do. More updates to come.

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