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Links, Pictures, and Videos to Brighten Your Monday

Health care debate is deranged?

How did economists get it so wrong? Great article by Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman.

Why are college costs still rising?

Your brain on God.

GQ doesn’t want the Russians to read this article. Investigative piece on how Putin came to power. Click on the images to enlarge photos of the article in English.

Harwood has some choice words for people complaining about Obama’s school speech.

Ebay sells Skype

China gets a budding civil rights movement.

What do you find in unexplored volcanoes? A new species of giant rat.

Link Comes to Town!


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So I was at my internship the other day, incorporating files, and all of a sudden my mind started to sort of slow down.  I began to really focus on what my hands were doing.  As I watched my hands seem to move on their own, I started wondering at how certain synapses were firing off in my brain, telling the muscles in my arms and my fingers to move.  And why I didn’t have to think about it, it just…happened.  I just had to think about doing something, and my body reacted.  Like right now, I don’t have to think about making my fingers move as they fly over the keyboard…they just do.  It’s like I’m on autopilot or something.

Consciousness is such a trip.  I mean, how well do we really understand what’s going on when we think?  Not only how we’re able to think thoughts, but why we think thoughts?  How complex are our thought processes compared to, say, those of a dog?  Why do our minds wander?  If I start to think about it too hard, my brain sprains itself.  It makes me feel small in a way, to realize how many minuscule little things have to harmonize in order for my body to function, and for me to be able to have thoughts and memories…to store them, to be able to recall them.

What a symphony our bodies are.  It makes me think…there must be a composer somewhere.


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