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I’ve finally moved. Although, it’s going to create some problems. I’m living in Halle now, but I have to teach in Kemberg three days a week. This wouldn’t be a problem if Kemberg was more accessible than the arctic circle. There’s no train station there. So, I’m left to take a bus which sometimes is punctual and sometimes not. The bus driver seems to set the schedule and the mood at his will. He’ll either be really happy and make your day or will make you wish you were getting a cavity filled at the dentist.

Besides that, my new room is nice. Not too big, but nice. The guy I’m living with is a bit older. He works at SAP. He’s been more than helpful and friendly. There’s also a third room for some mystery roommate in the future. Apparently, the SAP guy has been showing the room all week. So, I should know who the third person is soon enough. Hopefully they’re nice. Would’ve been nice to be here and see who I’m going to live with, but oh well.

I feel bad leaving the home stay over in Kemberg because the family was really nice to me, but this is going to be a much better fit, and much easier to travel when I want to.

Although the Queen of the old ladies who look out the window all day was starting to creep me out. My host family has one shower and it’s on the first floor, but there are no curtains in the window – except for this translucent lace thing which you can clearly see through. They both assured me that no one could see you when you shower, but I didn’t really believe this, but I went with it. I wasn’t having a problem until I noticed the crazy lady staring out the window. She’s there constantly and looks at the bathroom window with hungry eyes whilst chain smoking. Needless to say she was creepy as hell and made my showers very brief and uncomfortable.


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