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Links, Pictures, and Videos for your Monday… on… er… Saturday

So, I’m going to be gone over the next week or so on business, which means I probably won’t be able to post as much during that time. To keep the tradition going, here are the usual suspects for the week. Enjoy!

New protests in Iran as Ahmadinejad denies the Holocaust again.

No you can weigh your poop. (Thanks Kyle)

Always go to the funeral.

Is the American Dream dead?

Pencil Depot- Sweet pencil sketch animations

Man eating pythons in Florida?

When parents say ‘I love you’, it means…

Missile shield in Europe withers.

Jon Stewart interview with Bill Clinton


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Links For the Midweek

Palin Fraud Case Building. Used State Funds to Have Children Travel.

Awkward Scrabble (xkcd comic)

India’s going to the moon.

Jon Stewart’s quiz on what a real American is. Sarah Palin cries somwhere.

“Academic Salaries” (web comic, but real and kind of sad)

Law makers want a domestic spy agency?

In case you’ve forgotten, a list of all the Bush scandals.

Another conservative jumps on the Obama bandwagon.

Chimpanzee riding a segway

This is why America is falling apart:

Ooops. What did he say?

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