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Tallest Man on Earth – Review

If you haven’t heard of The Tallest Man on Earth yet, he’s great. His voice is unique and was a bit grating to me at first, but after listening to him for a few weeks, it’s really grown on me. He uses a lot of abstract lyrics and unique tunings in his songs. He’s definitely worth checking out if you like folk music at all, or if you’re looking for something a little unique. I got tickets to the Tallest Man on Earth in a few weeks at the Independent Theater in San Francisco, and I’ll be sure to let all of you know about how the show goes.

Check out his cover of Graceland:

and his takeaway show (The Gardner):


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For the Radiohead fans out there

I’m sure there were others out there who nearly cried when they heard Radiohead’s news of no plans for any upcoming albums in the near — or far — future. Luckily, a new song leaked today that I consider to be classic Radiohead brilliance. Listen to the song, “These Are My Twisted Words”, below:

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Music Resources for Music Lovers and Musicians

Whilst roaming the internets I’ve stumbled across some fun sites and decided to share them with everyone.

  • For you music lovers. I highly recommend Last.fm. This site creates a profile based on the music you listen too and recommends similar artists and lets you know about concerts in the area. Also, you can listen to streaming music of really good quality. Another good streaming site is Grooveshark.  And lastly there’s always Pandora.
  • Another really cool resource for hardcore music aficionados is the cylinder project. This site is dedicated to converting all old cylinder recordings to a modern format and putting them on the internet. These are some of the first recordings ever made; it’s realllly cool.
  • To stay up to date on the latest trends this is a good site. It provides the top plays on college radios across the country.
  • There are ways to use Google to find your music. These sites use advanced search options to search directories where you can… listen to music… or maybe right click.  One here one here aaaaand one here
  • For you ukulele lovers out there. Uke Hunt is fantastic.

Know of any others?

*UPDATE* Thanks Will and Woodshed for the additions. Take away shows from blogothegue and Spotify. Thanks

*UPDATE 2* Couldn’t help but add 2 of my go-to sites…the hype machine and elbows.  they’re both great websites that scour the internet for blogs that might have posted mp3 files or links to various songs and artists…truly fantastic  — L

*Update 3* Thanks Jeff for the fairtrade music site!

*Update 4* Thanks Phil for filtermusic

*Update 5* Amar for 8tracks.com. Also, thanks Brad for Rate your music!

*Update 6* Thanks Steve for Audacity.

Also, plugging some new contributors to the blog. Check out Mike’s Fitness Blog and Laura’s Etsy Shop and Blog


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Always sunny in Halle

The asparagus over here is white. Yes white, not green, not yellow, but white. It makes it look like the albino finger of a of an oversized witch. Asparagus also makes ones pee smell. The Germans happily call this vegetable Spargel.

So, one may ask themselves, why does spargel make everyone so damn happy over here. Well, I’ll tell you why. The winter is so

What people in Germany look like come February

What people in Germany look like come February

long, dark, and cold. By the end of it people are lashing out at each other, translucent, and get that hallow look in their eyes. It’s not that hard to see why a german director made nosferatu not once but twice. The character development must’ve been extremely easy to make.

Asparagus means spring to Germany and they post this everywhere. It’s ironic that this clearly sun deprived vegetable has this connotation. I do have to admit though it’s very good. I highly recommend it to anyone visiting the country. It tastes a lot different than the normal (green) asparagus I’m used to back at home.

In other news, I recorded some samples for my girlfriend’s animation. Here’s a link to the files if anyone is interested. Muuuuusic!

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Ear Ache

My host family loves to listen to the radio. It’s always on, especially at meal times. It’s a very strange relationship they have with it. First, it always has to be on. It’s part of their nutrition. Without it they will shrivel up and fade away. As for the music, they seem to sort of tolerate it. They talk over it and just have it on as background noise and wait anxiously for the half hour news updates.

Talking is forbidden during the news updates. I found this out the hard way. While eating some toast, I tried to contribute to the conversation just as the news came on. All I received in response was a cold stare and silence. I thought I had just said “apple pee” in German. After the news was over though they smiled and answered my question. Very strange.

My relationship with German radio is very different though. I know hate is a strong word, but I have to use it in this case. I hate it. I think Germany is where English speaking bands go to die. I come down in the morning hoping for a nice peaceful breakfast, but instead get to hear such great hits as moonlight shadow, Gotta Be Someday by Nickelback, or Leave Out all the Rest by Linkin Park. There are also many bands and songs which I have never heard before, nor do I want to hear again. The music sounds like a third grade orchestra performance and the rhymes and lyrics are so simple a lobotomy patient could make them better. Here’s an example that plastered itself in my head on repeat for four hours:

“I know you love me. Why can’t this just be? Lets run away together! We’ll be there forever.”

It doesn’t even make sense. I tried looking for the lyrics to see what kind of sick individual made this but apparently the band only exists on German radio.

I was convinced that the Gemans just didn’t understand the lyrics. That was how they could tolerate it. I thought this until I realized that once a day some twisted English speaking guy translates one of the corniest songs he can find from English into German. They then proceed to play the song on repeat for the next twenty-four hours.

The scary part is, is that I’m starting to get used to the music. I caught myself singing a long forgotten 80’s hit in the shower yesterday and stopped in horror.

I must resist.

They’re trying to convert me.

My defenses are weakening.

Send help.

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