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Saturday’s Links

Homestar Runner’s classic Halloween cartoons

How to talk to cops when you get pulled over

Opera’s vote gets switched by a hacked voting machine. Nothing wrong with going old school here. These machines have bad written all over them.

Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Sarah Silverman

American Stories, good op-ed

Palin hurting McCain… surprise surprise

Buy 25$ restaurant gift certificates for 2$

Sound a bit familiar:

And now, kids eating lemons:


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Sunday’s Links

Article from the New Yorker about Greenspans testimony to Congress. Good read.

An ignored issue that is going to have to be addressed by the next president, food.

How much does Palin’s makeup artist make?

When are we going to start giving loans again?

Great photo essay

Give me a Boost (web comic)

How to get a mouse in a beer bottle:

Hamster Bowling:

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Saturday’s Links

Just in time for Halloween. Get your own live glow in the dark cat.

NYTimes endorses Obama.

Will Farrell as Bush on SNL endorsing McCain.

For those of you who are interested in photography and fonts this is your link

1000 mph car.

creepiest picture you will see all day.

A Song for Mrs. Palin:

Apparently, there’s a portal to hell in Antarctica:

Vodpod videos no longer available.
more about “Door to Hell in Antarctica Video“, posted with vodpod

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