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Links, Videos, and Pictures to Brighten Your Monday

Super Cool Cop.

Leaves for sale.

Money Talks to Have before Marriage.

New take on the Battle of Agincourt (for you history buffs)

Recession drives a surge in youth runaways.

When Parents are too Toxic to Tolerate.

Flu Attack! How a virus invades your body.

Vatican makes bold move to try and convert Anglicans.

Space: The Final Junkyard.

Right Wing vs. Left Wing (Infographic)

An addictive game (warning: guaranteed procrastination)

Yes, thats acutally a pumpkin...source: https://i0.wp.com/z.about.com/d/familycrafts/1/0/W/M/2/pumpburger.jpg

Yes, that's acutally a pumpkin...source: http://z.about.com/d/familycrafts/1/0/W/M/2/pumpburger.jpg

Make sure to watch in the whole thing…



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Monday’s a Drag; Click Some Links

Canvasing for Obama and what he learned.

What pencil not to use on a test (xkcd comic)


SNL: Affleck Mocks Olberman

Rednecks for Obama

Nothing We Can’t Do Obama Ad:

Please vote… and get a free coffee…

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Links for Tuesday’s Blues

Why Europeans Love Obama (Well worth the read. Interesting interview on Anti-Americanism and the lefts adoption of tolerance while forsaking human rights)

Man gets owned while mooning police

Tales From the Far Side (Gary Larson, creator of the Far side comic does a halloween cartoon special)

Ideas for pumpkin carving

E. Coli making better biofuel?

How to fight zombies

Sarah Silverman gets booed off stage


Johnny Cash and June Carter Singing Jackson:

Literal Version of Take On ME (thanks Byrd 🙂

Wii Fit Parody

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