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Music Resources for Music Lovers and Musicians

Whilst roaming the internets I’ve stumbled across some fun sites and decided to share them with everyone.

  • For you music lovers. I highly recommend Last.fm. This site creates a profile based on the music you listen too and recommends similar artists and lets you know about concerts in the area. Also, you can listen to streaming music of really good quality. Another good streaming site is Grooveshark.  And lastly there’s always Pandora.
  • Another really cool resource for hardcore music aficionados is the cylinder project. This site is dedicated to converting all old cylinder recordings to a modern format and putting them on the internet. These are some of the first recordings ever made; it’s realllly cool.
  • To stay up to date on the latest trends this is a good site. It provides the top plays on college radios across the country.
  • There are ways to use Google to find your music. These sites use advanced search options to search directories where you can… listen to music… or maybe right click.  One here one here aaaaand one here
  • For you ukulele lovers out there. Uke Hunt is fantastic.

Know of any others?

*UPDATE* Thanks Will and Woodshed for the additions. Take away shows from blogothegue and Spotify. Thanks

*UPDATE 2* Couldn’t help but add 2 of my go-to sites…the hype machine and elbows.  they’re both great websites that scour the internet for blogs that might have posted mp3 files or links to various songs and artists…truly fantastic  — L

*Update 3* Thanks Jeff for the fairtrade music site!

*Update 4* Thanks Phil for filtermusic

*Update 5* Amar for 8tracks.com. Also, thanks Brad for Rate your music!

*Update 6* Thanks Steve for Audacity.

Also, plugging some new contributors to the blog. Check out Mike’s Fitness Blog and Laura’s Etsy Shop and Blog



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Financial resources for students and recent college grads

After a lot of random searching and reading. I’ve come across a few good resources that I hope everyone can get some use out of.

  1. Mint.com – A great resource for anyone and a hell of a lot cheaper than Quicken. This site can manage your spending and set a good budget. Also, it has a pretty good blog about investments and what not.
  2. Google Finance and Yahoo Finance – Great for checking up with news and quotes.
  3. Stockpickr – A comprehensive look at stocks
  4. I will teach you to be rich – A good blog filled with shameless plugs. Has some great advice.
  5. Get Rich Slowly – Again another good blog
  6. 7 Investments from CNN finance
  7. Young Money – A blog focused toward younger investors

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