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Financial resources for students and recent college grads

After a lot of random searching and reading. I’ve come across a few good resources that I hope everyone can get some use out of.

  1. Mint.com – A great resource for anyone and a hell of a lot cheaper than Quicken. This site can manage your spending and set a good budget. Also, it has a pretty good blog about investments and what not.
  2. Google Finance and Yahoo Finance – Great for checking up with news and quotes.
  3. Stockpickr – A comprehensive look at stocks
  4. I will teach you to be rich – A good blog filled with shameless plugs. Has some great advice.
  5. Get Rich Slowly – Again another good blog
  6. 7 Investments from CNN finance
  7. Young Money – A blog focused toward younger investors

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Some links to make your Monday more interesting

Procrastinations never been so fun or pretty.

Strange AIDS prevention ad

Cool animation from a commercial (thanks Byrd 🙂

The unsung hero in human health inovations: The Toilet.

Rogue Maverick

19 ways to lower your utility bills

How to trip up the Grammer Nazis (xkcd comic)

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T.G.I.F. Links

Tips on saving some money.

Do you use Firefox? Why not try and use their new minefield browser? It’s very fast.

Miss Teen USA loses her title.

This is why Australia scares the crap out of me (don’t click if you have an arachnaphobia)

Army combat unit to be stationed within the U.S.

Block the vote. Voters being taken off voting lists.

Obama plays fantasy football.

Simon’s Cat – Cat Man Do:

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