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Tech Tip of the Day: Facebook Lite

Ahh yes, finally Facebook has done something right. After slowly converting toward a myspace layout of chaos and disorder Facebook has released Facebook Lite and it is gloriously simple.

Remember when facebook started, and how plain it was? Well, they realized that some people actually prefer that. I highly recommend this new version for those of you who use Facebook.

Check out a complete list of Facebook Easter Eggs and Secrets.

What are your thoughts on this strip-down?


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Tuesday’s Links. Come and get ’em.

How to escape a raptor (xkcd comic)

Perry Bible Comic wins again

Lieberman abandoning McCain?

Another huge rally for Obama (over 100,000 in Denver)

Currency crisis in Europe.

Age of Paranoia

Pretty cool 70+ guy playing on a college basketball team.

Don’t act like you’re not excited for this.

Bill Cosby is out of his mind.

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Some links to make your Monday more interesting

Procrastinations never been so fun or pretty.

Strange AIDS prevention ad

Cool animation from a commercial (thanks Byrd 🙂

The unsung hero in human health inovations: The Toilet.

Rogue Maverick

19 ways to lower your utility bills

How to trip up the Grammer Nazis (xkcd comic)

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Links to enjoy with your coffee

Warren Buffet’s Op-ed on why he’s investing in American Stocks Now

This would be huge. Colin Powell might endorse Obama.

XKCD and laptops

SLC Punk and how to get a job in this economy

Beer that fights cancer?

Wall Street Journal Opinion Piece about Sarah Palin

Obama’s Still Rocking the polls. A really good poll website for those of you who are interested.

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